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Old Port Films is a production company specialising in ideas and the development, production and editing of audiovisual content in a cinematographic style.

  • 01.

    Bayandalai Lord of the Taiga

    Bayandalai, leader of the Dukha people, reflects on life and death in the heart of the biggest forest in the world, in his autumn years.

    Documentary short.

  • 02.

    Baskavigin the slaying of the basque whalers

    In April 1615, three Basque whaling vessels set sail for Iceland in search of whales. 86 sea dogs, but 31 of them would never return.

    Documentary feature.

  • 03.

    A forest for the desert

    A great forest of steel is about to be born in the city of Riyadh, the capital of a kingdom built on a lost oasis in the vast desert.

    Architecture and engineering documentary

  • 04.

    Gernika Behind the Scenes

    The coordination of a great team is required to bring to the big screen for the first time the bombing that changed the history of Europe.

    Making of.