Maritime ports have always been meeting points for great stories

Stories and unique experiences from the five continents came ashore from the minds of renowned sea dogs, intrepid explorers, persuasive merchants and brave fishermen, in search of new minds to settle in, ready to navigate any horizon.

Epic feats, unforgettable ballads, shady dramas, fascinating adventures and hilarious comedies destined to travel from deck to deck, till they become legends.

The professional team of Old Port Films was born and raised on the coast, by the old port of Algorta. Imbibing the spirit of those great stories, we take care of the smallest detail of each stage of production, enhancing the essence of your projects through our cameras.

  • El equipo de Old Port Films en el rodaje de Baskavigin, la matanza de los balleneros vascos
  • Aner Etxebarria, cineasta y socio fundador de Old Port Films
  • Aitor Aspe, cineasta y socio fundador de Old Port Films

Our stories have taken us to…

Mapa de localizaciones de proyectos realizados por la productora audiovisual Old Port Films